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Johor, Malaysia.


The Professional Scientist with a Dream...

Edward Leong Kim Oon (a.k.a. Uncle Fishy the Clown), graduated with Bachelor of Science (Genetics), UKM  [National Univerisity of Malaysia] and Master of Science (Biotechnology), USM [University of Science, Malaysia]. Although he qualifies as a professional scientist, it is always his dream to bring joy & laughter to others.

The philosophy of his life is: “If we bring happiness to others, then we will share the joy together”. His vision is to fill the world with rainbows of beauty and happiness.

Based on this principle, Uncle Fishy is actively involved in the church children ministry, community work by performing as a professional clown, comedic magician & children entertainer.

The Unique Character about Uncle Fishy...

Uncle Fishy is professionally trained in clowning, magic, balloon-sculpturing, juggling, puppetry & story-telling etc in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia. In addition to this, with his background and experience in the children ministry and community work, he is equipped in child psychology; has innate love ands care for children and always provide positive encouragement and moral values to the children through his performance. These characters have made Uncle Fishy to be one of the best children entertainer and the best friend of all children.

The Great Experience of Uncle Fishy...

Uncle Fishy has been actively involved in the children education and social community service (The Rural Area Service Project) since his days at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1991. With his great experiences spanning more than 25 years and thousands of shows. Uncle Fishy provides the most interesting and entertaining performance. He has performed internationally in countries such as USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Beside this, Uncle Fishy was selected to be the professional instructor for the World Clown Association Convention in Canada, California Clown Camp in USA and the creative ministries throughout China, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Humorous and Highly Interactive Performance Style of Uncle Fishy...

Uncle Fishy's rare brand of humour in his performance style with funny characters had brought laughter and cheer, warming the hearts of both adults & children, winning much praises from audiences across the world.

Furthermore his ability to speak fluently in various languages (English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien & Cantonese) and great interaction with the audience in his performance, his presence always cheers up the parties of all occasions with great fun, laughter and leaving everyone with fond memories.

The Further Effort and Improvement of Uncle Fishy...

To further improve on his performance and to provide the best quality presentation to the clients, Uncle Fishy is actively participating in the activities & has the membership of;

  • The Clown Camp, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, USA
  • The World Clown Association Convention, Canada
  • California Clown Camping “California State University”. USA
  • The International Clown Extravaganza, USA
  • The World Clown Association, USA
  • The Fellowship of Christian Magician, USA
  • The International Brotherhood of Magician, USA
  • The International Clown Festival in Hong Kong
  • The Children Ministry Conference, Singapore
  • The Fellowship of Creative Ministry, Malaysia
  • Association of Clown Malaysia.

Mission of  Bringing the Sun Shine to the World...

By understanding that his innate love to care for children, elderly and his talent in children entertainment are a special gifting from God, Uncle Fishy has been actively involved in the children social community service as his contribution to the society. He has frequently visited and performed at orphanages, children wards in hospitals, special children centres, old folk homes and volunteerly to assist  in the disaster rescue mission.

He has travelled frequently to rural area in China and Malaysia, performed voluntarily by teaching the children there the simple English and moral stories by using his skills in ballooning and magic. Uncle Fishy is seeking for corporate organization that would like to cooperate together for accomplishing this mission to share the sunshine to the world.

Watch Out!!! Here Comes Uncle Fishy!

♦ The International & World Class…
          ∗ Professional Clown
          ∗ Comedic Magician
          ∗ Children Entertainer

♦ The Lecturer & Performer…
         ∗ International Clown Conventions in USA & Canada
         ∗ Creative Ministry in China & Southeast Asia

♦ His Adventure Journey of Performance Around the World
         ∗ USA, Canada, Australia…
         ∗ China, Hong Kong, Taiwan…
         ∗ Singapore & Malaysia

♦ His Humorous Performance Styles With Funny Characters…
         ∗ Bringing Laughter and Cheer
         ∗ Warming the Hearts of Both Adults & Children
         ∗ Winning Much Praise from Audiences Across the World

♦ With His…
        ∗ International Performing Experiences
        ∗ Multi-Talented Skills
        ∗ Highly Interactive Styles
        ∗ Great Experiences with
            - Thousands of Show Performances
            - Spanning more than 25 years

♦ He Will Provide You…

The Most Interesting of…
       ∗ Professional Clowning
       ∗Funny Comedic Magic
       ∗Interactive Children Show

♦ To Cheer Your Party on All Occasions…
       ∗ With Super Fun and Laughter

♦ To Turn Your Events
       ∗ With Great Success and Most Memorable

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